Top 10 Best Carpet Brands in the USA

Carpet flooring

Carpet is not just an item of the interior house design; it is the ultimate investment in your property’s value. Not only does it add aesthetics and functionality, but also it offers warmth and comfort. With its proofing options, the noise is reduced, and humidity is avoided, trapping warmth or coldness inside and not letting it go out.

Many landlords favor carpets since they are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors, allowing you to customize your space. They are also available in a variety of materials, including wool, cotton, or polyester. Along with all these options, they are also budget-friendly and are among the cheapest flooring manufacturers. It might seem an easy task to choose the right carpet for your house, but which ones are suitable for you?

It becomes even more challenging since there are plenty of carpet brands in US to choose from with their peculiar pros and cons. Below, you will find a list of the top ten best carpet flooring brands in the USA to help you choose the right type of carpet:

Shaw Floors

Shaw Carpets

Established in 1946, Shaw Floors brand is a leading manufacturer in the carpet industry. It is well-known in the USA for its quality, durability, and style. It also has six diverse carpet collections with over 350 styles, which is unique in itself. The collections are available in materials such as polyester, nylon, and polypropylene. These fibers are soft, resilient, and stain-resistant, making them proper for places with high foot traffic. You can also choose from three different carpet backing types, including ClassicBac, SoftBac, and LifeGaurd. The first one is suggested for commercial areas due to its strength; the second one is flexible and suitable for backing systems, and the third one is appropriate for pet owners because it reduces odor. The carpets are available in retail or wholesale stores such as Flooring Outlet & More, you can visit Our website and order what you want. The website features services and tools for planning and visualizing the carpet to ensure you are ordering the right thing for your space. Shaw carpets are available at our flooring store in San Jose, California and you can check them out in our showroom.

Mohawk Flooring

Mohawk carpets

One of the most trusted brands in this industry is Mohawk Flooring. The company offers a great variety of carpets in different materials, styles, and colors. The company also allows you to order free samples since all the carpets are manufactured in the USA and can be made easily accessible to you even before purchasing! Other benefits of these carpets include being eco-friendly, recyclable, durable, and stain-resistant, making them suitable for places with high foot traffic. It also warrants all the products for an extended period. Just keep in mind that Mohawk Flooring does not offer installation services for customers, which means you have to do the job on your own or hire professional teams.

Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver is the modern solution you are looking for to choose your carpet. Compared to other brands, Dream Weaver is a newly established company. Yet, they have proved to be one of the top-quality companies in the industry in such a short time. They are known for the PureColor dying fiber system in the USA. The system helps the color not to change over time in exposure to stains and direct light. The founders of the company have applied new technologies in making the fibers used in the carpet texture. This option makes the carpet durable enough to be placed in high-foot areas, especially with small children and pets. The products are widely used in interior design for their contemporary neutral styles and affordability. The company also offers a warranty against wear and tear defects.


kane carpets

If details are important to you, Kane is there for you! Primarily famous for woven carpets, Kane Carpet has been a well-known distributor in Georgia since 1947. They have been in service of retailers for years to provide customers with amazing styles and colors. They manufacture high-quality woven, classic, and modern carpets in both North America and the Middle East. The company uses the latest proprietary yarn system, which weaves synthetic yarns together into delicate designs. The carpets are durable, stain-resistant, and budget-friendly.

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Anderson Tuftex

Want something environmentally friendly? Go for Anderson Tuftex. It is highly famous for its nylon carpets. They are made of tightly woven nylon fibers in California. You can choose from three significant collections, which are all luxury and modern. The collections include:

  • Classic, timeless works,
  • Carpets with unique patterns and styles,
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable, pet-friendly carpets.

Another benefit is that carpets feature thermal resistance, keeping warmth in cold areas. Though the company only manufactures nylon carpets, there is a wide range of options, such as loop, pattern, and cut pile carpets.

Phenix Flooring

Phenix carpets are highly recommended for residential areas since they have a Microban antimicrobial layer to avoid the growth of bacteria and mold on the surface. The carpets are made of high-quality synthetic materials that look fluffy and natural. Polyester might not be as durable as other types of carpets, but it is more affordable and can be found in almost every pattern and color. This 5-generation family business also has a special line of recycled plastics, which are perfect for pet owners since they last longer and are odor-free.

Stain Master

Stain Master carpets

Stain Master is a recognized brand in the USA primarily because of its durable and budget-friendly carpets. Surprisingly, the prices start at 2$ per square foot. The amount of purchases in the last year has made Stain Master one of the most trusted carpet brands. It offers thousands of different carpets which are mostly made of nylon and polyester, enabling you to choose the item that matches your space the most. Keep in mind that Essentials carpets have only a 10-year warranty, excluding installation, while PetProtect carpets feature a 25-year warranty favoring pet owners. Stain Master carpets are both comfortable and resilient, making them suitable for places with high foot traffic, such as kitchens, living rooms, and hallways.


Karastan has been in the carpet industry for over a century now, offering high-quality, durable, and resilient carpets. In the beginning, they manufactured handmade rugs, which later expanded into carpets. Artists design the carpets to add visual aesthetics to your space. The stain-resistant carpets are made available in a wide range of types of fibers, patterns, and colors. The company also offers a lifetime warranty for pet stains or any other sort of damage. Remember that it is challenging to buy carpets directly from the company or the website. Instead, you should buy from retailers around the town.


Dating back to 1866, Masland Company has manufactured thousands of carpets in an extensive, colorful, and stylish collection. Not only do they make usual carpets and broadloom carpeting, but they also have a long reputation for manufacturing high-quality and fashionable rugs and vinyl under the Dixie Group banner. Other characteristics of the carpets include being original, visually appealing, and innovative. The carpets are all certified for being eco-friendly, making the company a leader in new products in the business.


Are you looking for something stylish and high-quality? Stanton carpets have all the criteria to meet all your needs. As one of the nation’s leading companies in the carpet industry, they make both carpets and custom rugs. The carpets are made of hand-loomed wool and wool blends in traditional patterns; a line of carpets is also made of nylon. No matter what the materials are, carpets are all decorative and unique in style. They are also durable, luxurious, and long-lasting.

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