Floorings for Tropical Climate: An Expert Guide

Floorings for Tropical Climate: An Expert Guide

Do you live in tropical areas or are you considering moving to a tropical house? You must be thinking of how to design your new property. One of the most important items in the interior design is the flooring. Though a hot and humid climate narrows down your options, you should choose flooring that is compatible with tropical climates and meets all your needs. In general, what design experts recommend is to choose light materials that have less thermal mass and resist humidity and generally be aware of climate effect on flooring types

If you do not know what type of flooring is right for you, we have made a comprehensive list of five top floorings below to help you better decide:


concrete flooring for tropical climates

Concrete flooring has gained more popularity in recent years. Not only it is stylish, but it also features durability. It is widely used for its resistance to stain and moisture, requiring minimal maintenance. Another benefit of this type of flooring is that it is designed to naturally stay cool, making it ideal for hot and tropical areas.

If you live in humid climates, seal and polish the flooring properly to lessen water absorption and stop molds and mildew from growing. Thus, it reduces the risk of suffering from allergies, especially if you have small children or pets at home.

Porcelain Tile

One type of ceramic tiles is porcelain which is both durable and cool, suitable for hot and humid areas. Initially, they are made of clay heated at high temperatures, so they can withstand humidity. On the other, it resists moisture and can stay cool, thus suitable for tropical areas or places with constant temperature fluctuations. All these make porcelain require less maintenance in the long term.

Another benefit of porcelain tiles is that they are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and colors in the market to suit any taste. By spending less money compared to other types of flooring, you can get comfort and style at the same time.

Luxury Vinyl

Do you want to have the look of hardwood in your tropical house? Luxury vinyl flooring is there for you. It has that stylish look of hardwood at much lower prices, but the bigger concerns are moisture and humidity in topical areas. Luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) are great water absorbents that feel comfortable to walk on and are easy to maintain. Without the downsides of hardwood or natural stone, you can enjoy vinyl flooring in your tropical space.


Eco-friendly and budget-saver! Bamboo is actually made of grass. Its natural appearance offers warmth and comfort. This feature also helps it to adapt to moisture and humidity. In recent years, it has gained popularity all over the world since it is durable and easy to maintain. There are different bamboo materials to choose from, so make sure you choose the one which is resistant to humidity. Remember that bamboo needs to be sealed regularly to keep fresh as day one.


Surprised? You may have seen rubber flooring in hospitals more often, but it is another great choice for tropical areas. With the right texture and proper finish, it becomes resistant to moisture in damp climates. On the other hand, it is easy to clean and maintain, requiring minimal keep-up. Compared to other types of flooring, rubber is a budget-friendly option, so you can install it with peace of mind, making sure that all the moisture is absorbed.

Choosing the right type of flooring is essential for tropical areas. To save both time and money, choose the flooring that feels cooler and withstand humidity. After considering your personal preference, budget, material quality, etc. You can choose your flooring from the above list to win this battle over hotness and humidity. Also, for more information and consultation you can contact out team at Flooring Outlets & More.

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