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What is the best flooring for a rustic look?

If you prioritize the rustic look, nothing is as good and authentic as hardwood flooring. Their unique grains and cracks are specific to each floorboard and have natural wood patterns.

What is the farmhouse style flooring?

A rustic hardwood that can be seen in different colors, with natural grains and patterns, is a perfect recipe for the farmhouse flooring. You are free to choose laminate or SPC, but in the old farmhouse, wide hardwood planks were the main option.

What does a rustic floor look like?

The word rustic refers to being rural; therefore, rustic floors usually resemble the old countryside barn feeling. Restored woods, sometimes from centuries ago, highlight the majestic and earthy aesthetic of the trees that produced them.

Shop Rustic Flooring at Flooring Outlet and More

During the past few years, rustic hardwood has become an increasingly popular choice amongst people for its distribution to uniqueness and charm. If you enjoy the subtle vintage feeling in your home, you’ll need to explore the Flooring Outlet and More Antique Rustic Flooring collection before you shop for rustic flooring. Homeowners who value history and character will highly appreciate the rustic environment. Made from wood that is either naturally or intentionally aged or damaged, surfaces of rustic hardwood floors are often textured with scratches, brush paints, or cracks. Imperfection is the main part of the perfect rustic look.

Rustic Flooring Sale in San Jose

Suppose you are located in San Jose and looking for rustic flooring options for your house renovation. In that case, we suggest you check out our extended rustic collection in our San Jose showroom, which is available in laminate, hardwood, or SPC. You could also stop by and consult with our professionals, who offer free flooring consultations. Depending on your budget, you have various options for your rustic flooring material and color.

Hardwood Rustic Flooring

hardwood rustic flooring

Rustic design means adding simplicity and charm of the countryside to your design, and there is no more authentic way to achieve the charm of the countryside than hardwood rustic flooring. Hardwood is the most popular choice for rustic design because of the natural, classy, yet elegant look it adds to your house. Even though laminate and vinyl have come a long way, nothing can replicate the feeling of natural wood with its authentic patterns and unique grains on every floorboard. If you value authenticity and uniqueness, natural wood is your best choice.

SPC Rustic Flooring

If you are looking for the luxurious feeling of hardwood but on a budget, SPC vinyl gives you a very wood-like and realistic look. SPC ( Stone Plastic Composite) is made from PVC plastic powder and stone powder mixed with additives. SPCs generally come in four core layers, the upper one being a UV coating for extra protection. Therefore, they are resistant to scratches and damage. These features put SPC flooring amongst the toughest waterproof materials on the market. People searching for a fancy, long-lasting floor that adds value to the property and their design but also has a limited budget could benefit greatly from SPC rustic flooring.

Laminate Rustic Flooring

rustic laminate flooring

Rustic Laminate flooring allows you to warm up your space and create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere without spending a fortune. Our homely rustic laminates are available in rustic Olive and rustic Apple. You can choose your preferred shade based on the design and theme of your house; laminate rustic flooring is perfect for living rooms, kitchens, and even bedrooms. Be aware that laminate floorings need underlays to be installed perfectly. Laminates are a great choice if you want a realistic wood replica; the only problem is that they are a bit sensitive to moisture and water, so they’re not very suitable for locations like kitchens prone to water.

Brown Rustic Flooring

Brown hardwood floors have had universal appeal for many years, and we don’t see this changing in 2024. Brown rustic flooring comes in numerous shades and materials for any taste. If you want a nostalgic, vintage look or a modern farmhouse, brown is the easy and obvious choice, though there are other options available.

Natural Color Rustic Flooring

cheap rustic flooring ideas

Natural-colored rustic floors were a growing trend in the past year for their subtle color and the simplicity they attribute to minimalistic looks. Natural-colored rustic floorings keep the focus on your walls and decoration while adding a hint of color to the overall aesthetic.


Whether you choose shades of brown or natural colors for your rustic flooring, make sure you pick the best color that matches your interior design. Rustic flooring is meant to add warmth and coziness of natural wood to your place, but the wrong color will ruin the entire environment, whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or any other area. As for your material, hardwoods have the best textures but can be a bit expensive and luxurious, whereas laminate or SPC is more budget-friendly. Also, since they have printed colors on top of them, they come in endless shades and patterns.