Simple Concrete Floor In-house Ideas

Simple Concrete Floor In-house Ideas

The floor of the room, along with the ceiling and walls, makes up the majority of the room’s space, and for this reason, it will have an important effect on its appearance. Before changing your decoration and decorating the walls with different panels, consider decorative concrete flooring.

Concrete Floor Design In-house

Concrete flooring is a suitable and different alternative to ordinary flooring such as parquet, tile, ceramic, stone, and carpet. With the ability to paint in all colors and the possibility of simple repair in case of damage, this type of flooring has gained a lot of popularity in many countries. There are different types of concrete flooring, including textured, polished, and exposed. Each of these floors has a special and beautiful appearance.

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Types of concrete flooring for rooms and indoor spaces

Types of concrete flooring for rooms and indoor spaces:

  • Colored concrete flooring
  • Exposed concrete flooring
  • Shiny metallic concrete flooring
  • Slate or overlay concrete flooring
  • Colored concrete flooring

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete can be used in any environment and with any type of usage, such as home, workplace, factory, and almost anywhere, enjoy the unique benefits of polished concrete. With the increasing price of all types of stone flooring, parquet, etc., shiny concrete can be the best choice and, of course, one of the most modern types of flooring for your interior flooring.
Concrete floors have features such as resistance to all kinds of stains and chemicals, and they are very resistant to wear and can maintain their quality, gloss, and beauty for a long time.

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Rustic Concrete Floors

Rustic concrete flooring is a new and exciting type of concrete flooring. Rustic Concrete is one of the most sought-after concrete floors on the market.
Rustic concrete floors have many indoor and outdoor, commercial, and residential applications and have many advantages over traditional wooden floors. These floors are very durable and easy to maintain. Also, rural concrete floors are waterproof, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. Perfect for high-traffic areas and people with pets, these floors offer unlimited color options.

Stained Concrete Floors

Painting the concrete floor, in addition to giving it a better appearance, also reduces dust. Various colors are available for painting the concrete floor, and it is the best way to polish it. However, since concrete is porous, proper staining can be very difficult.
If you are planning to paint a brand new concrete floor in your house, you should wait at least three months after the concrete is poured. This time allows the moisture to dissipate before any color is applied. Industrial quality concrete floor paint provides a highly durable surface that is resistant to moisture, chemicals, and oil and is easy to clean.
Before applying the paint with a brush or roller, mix the paint well for a few minutes. You should probably apply at least two coats of paint. Allow the paint to dry for 12 to 24 hours between coats. If you are painting a surface that is already painted, you should gently scrape, degrease, and sweep away any dust or dirt before painting.

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Concrete Floor Inside The House

Concrete floors are produced in different colors, such as natural gray, dark gray, metallic gray, titanium black, and mineral white. We can also produce these panels by molding them in different geometric shapes. Concrete panels are very resistant to frost and fire and have a long life. Concrete floors can be used in different parts of the house, such as the following parts:

  • bathroom floor
  • kitchen floor
  • garage floor
  • Living room floor
  • bedroom floor
  • The floor of the laundry room

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