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European Oak Price $6.99
Engineered Hardwood

European oak flooring, or English oak, is a versatile hardwood floor with subtle curves and crowns. These features make it a versatile choice for homeowners seeking a classic and natural beauty. It is a solid and sturdy floor that can resist high foot traffic and easily be maintained to remain stable for decades. At Flooring and More, we offer a wide variety of high-quality European oak flooring with 241.3 mm (9.5 inches) width and 19.05 mm (0.75 inches) thickness. 

12mm Thickness, Various Colors
Shaw Engineered Hardwood Price $3.99
1/2″ Thickness, 7-1/2″ Width
Pure SPC , SPC Max Price $1.79
Available in 7 colors
Super strong Pure SPC max is completely waterproof therefore, suitable for any surface is you house. The newest technology makes it stronger and more durable and a popular choice against processionals. Easy to install even if your subfloor is not perfect.
Floor Installation in San Jose


What is the installation process like for your flooring products, and do you offer professional installation services?

We provide a range of professional services including installation services for all our flooring products. Our skilled installers follow industry best practices to ensure a seamless and durable installation. The process includes a thorough assessment of the space, proper subfloor preparation, and precise installation techniques.

Do you provide removal services for old flooring, and how is the disposal handled?

Yes, our removal service is designed to make the transition to new flooring hassle-free. Our professional installation team can efficiently remove old flooring materials. Disposal methods adhere to local regulations, and we prioritize environmentally responsible practices, including recycling when possible. The removal service can be discussed and scheduled during the consultation process.

What Is the Easiest Flooring to Install in A Small Bathroom?

Particular difficulties arise in small bathrooms, particularly when attempting the problematic chore of installing flooring. You want a gorgeous, proper place, but making complex cuts and dealing with messy adhesives in a small space can be intimidating. Home improvement lovers, do not worry! With the help of this tutorial, you can alter your small bathroom without breaking the bank by learning which flooring options are the simplest to install. Vinyl, the unchallenged king of convenience, has three advantages for little bathrooms: price, adaptability, and simplicity. We will explore this type of bathroom flooring a little later. LVT is a step up from vinyl and provides unparalleled durability and realism. These larger, more robust tiles fit together perfectly to produce an easy-to-install, polished floor. They are slightly more costly than standard vinyl but provide better water resistance and a plush, cushioned sensation underfoot. Sheet vinyl is a time-tested option that offers a seamless, waterproof covering to prevent spills and splashes. Its seamless design enlarges the visual space in smaller bathrooms, giving the impression that they are more extensive and cohesive, even if it necessitates stronger adhesives and exact dimensions. For more difficult regions, use pre-cut choices or get assistance. This will guarantee a seamless installation.

Can SPC flooring be installed over existing flooring?

SPC flooring can often be installed over existing hard-surface floorings such as tile, or hardwood, as long as the subfloor is flat and clean.

How much does it cost to install hardwood floors for 100 sq. ft.?

The cost of installing hardwood floors for a small area like 100 sq. ft. can vary depending on your chosen materials. For more information, call us now. 

What are the steps to install flooring?

First, make sure your subfloor is prepped and evenly leveled. Next, install the underlayment. Finally, the cutting and assembly process will depend on your chosen flooring material.

What are the different ways of installing flooring? 

Depending on the material, there's a specific way to click, glue, or nail down your floor. For instance, nail-down is the most common flooring installation method, and it's used primarily with thinner wood, such as hardwood floors.

What Our Clients Think

Couldn't have got any better hassle free buying & installation experience.

Flooring Outlet provided the best experience from selecting, buying and installation of the flooring. Hesam provided several recommendations based on our requirements and latest trend. Chad came onsite to make exact measurements to estimate material requirements and Leo & his team were excellent in installing the flooring. Couldn't have got any better hassle free buying & installation experience. Highly recommend this place.

Manoj K. - Fremont, CA


Amazing work, pleasant people, great prices.

Our new floor is so beautiful and excellently installed that I could cry happy tears. We are updating what used to be a garage to make it into part of the house, and the concrete floors were cracked and sloped. The Flooring Outlet & More installation crew re-floated a new and level concrete floor before installing our beautiful waterproof flooring. It is absolutely flat and looks great. Amazing work, pleasant people, great prices.

Barbara. W - Cupertino, CA


The stairs turned out beautifully.

Leo's team did a great job! I am so pleased with Leo's work. I have a few stairs that I was worried about looking good with LVP. The stairs turned out beautifully. I will use the flooring outlet again.

Paula B. - San Jose, Ca.


Great experience with Flooring Outlet & More

I can't say enough about how great my experience with Flooring Outlet & More was! I live in another neighboring state, and at 7.5 months pregnant I found that the flooring option we had spent so long picking and arranging through another source had fallen through. Retailers I called all around the country told me it was impossible to get the floor before my baby came because it was on backorder from the manufacturer, so I was losing hope... When I finally somehow found Flooring Outlet & More online and called Farrouk (Farok?), he told me he would see what he could do for me. Within an hour he had figured out a creative solution to source our floor, within a day or two we had it ordered, and within a few weeks I had it in hand. The price for the flooring was low, he arranged transport to a pickup location near me free of charge, and the product (GemCore Opal - Wheat LVP) turned out perfect. His honesty, resourcefulness, and kindness were above and beyond - amazing customer service, I couldn't be happier. Thank you, again.

Tatiana H. - Centerville, UT


My home feels so much more fresh and put-together.

If you're looking for a new floor and feeling overwhelmed by all the choices, Flooring Outlet and More is your lifesaver! I wasn't sure what type of flooring would work best in my home, but their consultant was amazing. They listened patiently to what I was looking for and showed me a bunch of different options that fit the bill. They even helped me visualize how the different floors would look in my space, which was a huge help. My livingroom looks absolutely fantastic! My home feels so much more fresh and put-together.

Sara. J - San Francisco


Exceptional customer service by everyone in that store!

I was in the search for flooring for the past 2 years. Had about 5 different flooring companies come out, all quote about the same, but never quite found the right color floor i liked. Walked into Flooring Outlet, felt no pressure, extremely honest n helpful n found my floors. Not only did they come out and give me theee best quote, but my floors were just completed yesterday n I literally could not be happier with the most outstanding quality of installation, clean up, and quickness! I mean, the wait for the perfect floors and company was so worth it for choosing them! No damage to my house, the cuts are perfect, quality of work was phenomenal n literally the most hard working two man job completed in two days (they quoted me 3 days). I have to be honest n say I was not only nervous about choosing the right company but super picky with the quality of peoples work I had seen. I will 100% refer out & recommend using Flooring Outlet & More! Exceptional customer service by everyone in that store!

Becca t. - San Jose


Flooring Installation at Flooring Outlet and More

Imagine you’ve finally picked out the perfect flooring for your house, whether a unique hardwood floor that makes your interior multiple times more precious and rich or minimal and flawless luxury vinyl flooring. But let’s come back to earth for a while and see the distance between that dream floor and the reality under your feet, the installation process! It can feel confusing since navigating a bunch of professional and daunting processes by utilizing tricky tools could be more interesting. It is also a subtle and delicate task that needs to be checked several times. For instance, transitions and gaps between rooms might be a serious hazard in many installation cases that require professional steps.

 Flooring Outlet and More’s experts are here to be your guide and fade away the confusion and indecision for a smooth path to flooring installation. To order your service, call us at (408) 217-1514.

Floor Installation Near San Jose

If you’re searching for floor installation near San Jose, don’t miss out on Flooring Outlet and More unbelievable installation packages. Here, we make sure your subfloor is washboard and smooth, and if not, we level it out and smoothen it with some patching and polishing material, checking for any dips, cracks, or loose boards.

The next important step is checking out the underlayment. This layer goes between your subfloor and your new flooring, functioning as a stiff and helpful part to make your floor more and more durable. The right underlayment can also provide moisture protection and even make your floor feel more comfortable underfoot. Different flooring types need different underlayment and installation method. Below are some of the popular flooring materials used in various installations.


Floor Installation Cost

Flooring installation costs can vary depending on the type of flooring you choose, the square footage of the space, and your location. In general, expect to pay anywhere from $1 to $10 per square foot for labor, with different materials adding an extra cost to it. However, getting a free quote from a reputable flooring company like Flooring Outlet and More is always a good first step. We, as your local floor installer, can assess your specific project and provide you with an accurate estimate that includes both materials and installation, all at our competitive premium quality and affordable charge.

Floor Installation Methods

First things first, think of your floor as a new foundation for installing your new floor – literally!  So, you want to make sure the subfloor is prepped and ready. You need to make sure it’s been evenly polished. Uneven subfloors are like putting a brand new decorative on a broken-down house. No matter how much effort you’ve made, it’s not going to work! Choosing the most suitable floor installation method is another vital step.

Just like putting together a puzzle, there’s a specific way to click, glue, or nail down your new floor, depending on the material. Hardwood floors might be nailed or glued down, while laminate or luxury vinyl flooring often falls into place with a snap. Remember, a professional installation can ensure your floor looks fantastic and lasts for years to come.

Below are the most common floor installation methods and the floors each method is suitable for:

No matter which route you choose, there are a few precautions to keep in mind. Always make sure the company that is doing the installation has the right tools for the job. Our installers in Flooring Outlets and more are experienced experts with proper techniques, ensuring your floor remains free of nicks and 

Conquering a flooring installation project can be a truly rewarding experience. With a little planning and the right knowledge, you’ll be walking on your dream floor in no time. So contact Flooring Outlet and More, your San Jose and Bay area contractor, for the most affordable flooring installation in the San Jose and Bay area.