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Is SPC flooring better than vinyl?

Overall, SPC flooring is more sustainable than vinyl and is completely waterproof. Vinyl is less dense, and heavy furniture can sometimes damage it.

Is SPC the same as laminate?

No, SPC flooring is more durable, like an advanced version of LVT. While laminate flooring also follows a layering system, the cores are very different, and SPC is more resilient. 

Which is better, SPC or WPC?

SPC is a newer option than WPC, but it doesn’t have the comfort and softness of WPC underfoot. It is more durable because of the rigid core, while WPC has a foaming system that gives a better and quieter walking experience.

Is SPC flooring expensive?

SPC flooring is more expensive than luxury vinyl or laminate, but it is still more affordable than hardwood flooring. Flooring Outlet and More offers you the cheapest SPC flooring which is the most qualified.  

What are the disadvantages of SPC flooring?

It has to be installed on a flat surface. Also, SPC flooring may not be as eco-friendly as natural flooring materials.

What are the advantages of SPC flooring?

SPC flooring is water resistant, it enjoys a great durability, has an easy installation, furthermore, needs low maintenance. Besides, Flooring Outlet and More offers a wide range of SPC flooring designs.

Is SPC flooring waterproof?

Yes, SPC flooring is highly waterproof, and it is perfect option for bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

Can SPC flooring be installed over existing flooring?

SPC flooring can often be installed over existing hard-surface floorings such as tile, or hardwood, as long as the subfloor is flat and clean.

How do I clean and maintain SPC flooring?

SPC flooring can be clean very easily and doesn't follow any specific structure, but avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the surface.

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Great experience with Flooring Outlet & More

I can't say enough about how great my experience with Flooring Outlet & More was! I live in another neighboring state, and at 7.5 months pregnant I found that the flooring option we had spent so long picking and arranging through another source had fallen through. Retailers I called all around the country told me it was impossible to get the floor before my baby came because it was on backorder from the manufacturer, so I was losing hope... When I finally somehow found Flooring Outlet & More online and called Farrouk (Farok?), he told me he would see what he could do for me. Within an hour he had figured out a creative solution to source our floor, within a day or two we had it ordered, and within a few weeks I had it in hand. The price for the flooring was low, he arranged transport to a pickup location near me free of charge, and the product (GemCore Opal - Wheat LVP) turned out perfect. His honesty, resourcefulness, and kindness were above and beyond - amazing customer service, I couldn't be happier. Thank you, again.

Tatiana H. - Centerville, UT


Amazing work, pleasant people, great prices.

Our new floor is so beautiful and excellently installed that I could cry happy tears. We are updating what used to be a garage to make it into part of the house, and the concrete floors were cracked and sloped. The Flooring Outlet & More installation crew re-floated a new and level concrete floor before installing our beautiful waterproof flooring. It is absolutely flat and looks great. Amazing work, pleasant people, great prices.

Barbara. W - Cupertino, CA


My home feels so much more fresh and put-together.

If you're looking for a new floor and feeling overwhelmed by all the choices, Flooring Outlet and More is your lifesaver! I wasn't sure what type of flooring would work best in my home, but their consultant was amazing. They listened patiently to what I was looking for and showed me a bunch of different options that fit the bill. They even helped me visualize how the different floors would look in my space, which was a huge help. My livingroom looks absolutely fantastic! My home feels so much more fresh and put-together.

Sara. J - San Francisco


Professionalism- attention to details

I recently had the pleasure of working with Flooring Outlet for the flooring needs of my home. From the onset, their selection of flooring was impressive, and the convenience of bringing samples home made the decision-making process easier. They have exceptional customer service. Chad's professionalism during the home measurement was commendable. Mr. Hesam's communication skills were top-notch, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. The installation team, led by Leo, was a testament to skill and dedication. Their attention to detail shows in the seamless and high-quality finish of the flooring throughout the house.

Manoj S. - San Jose


visited numerous companies and picked Flooring Outlet and More

I have been waiting years to replace my old wood flooring. I visited numerous companies and picked Flooring Outlet and More. They were so helpful from start to finish dealing with my million questions. Hesam was so patient and walked me through everything. Chad was very thorough and explained everything while taking measurements. Leo and his crew were great. Leo knows his stuff and his crew was so respectful and diligent to details. Love my new floor!

Robin S. Milpitas, CA


Great quality of products

Great quality of products (I did multiple projects with materials bought at this store). They also take good care of their customers and even accepted my open box return. I will be coming back for my next project and can recommend this business to anyone. PS: just stay away from their loading dock - the person who works there drives the forklift at max speed like it's his Ferrari (I had to jump away to stay safe) and has a particularly nasty attitude (bordering contempt) towards the customers.

Leonid. D - San Jose, Ca.


Please don’t read this article if you are not looking for rigid-core and water-resistant flooring material. This article is for the people who wants to say goodbye to their old damaged floorings and are seeking for a long-last, cheap flooring material with high quality. SPC, or stone polymer composite flooring, is a rigid-core flooring with remarkable endurance and versatile designs and patterns.

Flooring Outlet and More sale presents a large collection of SPC flooring in stock and ready for delivery. SPC flooring planks are one of the best flooring options you can choose for your house. Are you looking for stone look or wooden look? Do you want low-price floorings? Are looking for a high-qualified flooring? Flooring Outlet and More offers you SPC flooring which is a complete package. We save your money to make you happy. So, read more on this article, and call us now at (408) 217-1514.

What is SPC Vinyl Flooring?

SPC vinyl flooring is a much stronger and more durable alternative to vinyl flooring because of its composition and underlayment. Since the core comes with a 1mm built-in underlay made of milestones and stabilizers, this flooring is more rigid than most of other flooring materials. With remarkable strength and 100% resistance to water, SPC flooring is known as the next generation of LVT. SPC flooring is an option for areas with high foot traffic, moisture exposure, underfloor heating systems, or even locations with high sun exposure that are warmer.

All these features make SPC flooring a valuable flooring material you can use in every corner of your house or office. From the kitchen to the bedroom, SPC can be installed in dry and moisture-prone areas. If you are looking for one flooring material that you can install in all of your house’s rooms, buy SPC flooring. You won’t regret it.

Where to Buy SPC Flooring in San Jose?

If you want to buy SPC flooring, you should prioritize high quality and low price over other factors. If you reside in California, then flooring Flooring Outlet and More is the place you can order your flooring. Flooring outlet and More prioritizes your needs, listens to you, and helps you to find the perfect match. You Can find the most complete flooring collection and showroom at Flooring Outlet and More. Our vast collection includes everything from wood looks to tile and other patterns. This helps you design your space in your desired style with the material you see fit regarding technical features. Basically, you can have both appearance and practicality with us.

You can visit us personally in our showroom in San Jose, California. For any questions you might have about design, measurement, or even installation, our staff is there to answer them and guide you in choosing the best flooring for your home or business, making this tough decision a joyous experience for you. Additionally, our online services are also available for people outside of San Jose, whether located in the San Francisco Bay area, Fremont, Oakland, or anywhere in California and the USA.

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SPC Flooring Cost

SPC flooring costs less than hardwood flooring, specially engineered hardwoods, and it is also much easier to install. It follows a click-style installation method in which you only need to cut the planks to your size and click them into place. This cuts additional installation fees, which are higher for hardwood flooring. We save your time and money to make you happy. Call us at (408) 217-1514, or submit a form to let us know you are looking for a cost effective flooring material.

SPC Flooring Price

SPC Flooring Near Me

Never mind where you are, Flooring Outlet and M0re is near you. You will choose us, because we offers you the best online SPC flooring sale in lowest price without sacrificing quality over quantity. We appreciate you trust, and provide you with the best delivery and installation team. So, we are in San Jose, waiting for your call to register your order. We have the best quality and price in Whole America. Call us now.

SPC Flooring Installation

SPC flooring installation methods vary depending on the brand, including DIY, glue down, or floating installations. For instance, Medallion offers glueless floating floor installation, Eternity offers floating installation, Everbright offers glue-down installation, Urban Floor provides the Unilin click system, Republic offers glueless floating installation, and SLCC offers a floating method. Regardless of the method chosen, it’s essential to use a thin underlayment during installation.

For clients who require professional assistance with home or office flooring installation due to time constraints or lack of expertise, Flooring Outlet and More offers professional installation services.

Rigid Core SPC Flooring Pros and Cons

When selecting an SPC flooring, the huge amount of variation gives you the freedom to create any arrangement you want. You can mix and match and be creative with your design. Some of the wood-like designs created by some trusted brands are hard to tell apart from real hardwood. SPC is also more affordable than real hardwood. Above all of these traits, the main reason for SPC’s popularity is its ability to sustain high foot traffic, which makes it suitable for crowded locations.

Although SPC flooring has numerous advantages, it has a few downsides, which we are about to dive deep into. If you’ve chosen SPC as your flooring, you need to prepare the subfloor. You must level your subfloor and clean it so no dust can be seen before installation. Poor preparation can lead to serious damage over time. Remember that SPC flooring, unlike hardwood, adds no extra value to your property. It is also difficult to remove after installation and requires more time and patience, depending on its type.

Rigid Core SPC Flooring Pros and Cons

SPC Flooring Material

Rigid core SPC flooring is made during a six-step process, including mixing, extrusion, calendaring, drawer, cutter, and automatic plate-lifting. The raw materials are plasticized, heated, cooled down, mixed, and cut into SPC planks. Since SPC flooring is made of plastic, it can release toxic chemicals in case of fire; therefore, avoid using it in fire-hazard areas like commercial kitchens.