White Flooring Amazing Sale in San Jose, CA

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AMERICAN WHITE OAK – The Garrison Collection | Price: Negotiable

Baikal Price

Baikal – Lago Flooring | Price: Negotiable


YOSEMITE – Urban Floor | Price: Negotiable

Urban Floor SPC White Flooring

Urban Floors’ white SPC flooring collection is available at Flooring Outlet and More. For more information, call our experts.



KOSTA – Eternity | Price: Negotiable

Eternity SPC White Flooring

Eternity white SPC flooring is available on website and in store. Call our experts at Flooring Outlet and More for more information.

Paper White Price
Oyster Price

Oyster – Shaw Floors | Price: Negotiable



Are white floors a good idea?

White floors are a great option with a vast selection of white vinyl planks and laminate flooring to choose from, you're sure to find your perfect match.. From white vinyl plank to White laminate flooring you are free to pick your favored white flooring. 

What white flooring is easy to clean?

High gloss white vinyl plank flooring gets cleaned easily and requires the least maintenance.

Are white wood floors hard to keep clean?

White wood flooring tends to show dirt more easily but they're not hard to keep clean necessarily. They get cleaned up like any other floors with cleaner spray and mopping.

What are the cons of white flooring?

The biggest disadvantage of white floors is that they tend to show stains and discoloration faster.

What floor color looks the cleanest?

White, gray and beige shades look the cleanest flooring among other colors.

What color flooring never goes out of style?

White is an ever lasting, classic yet trendy and gorgeous flooring option that suits any home style. Also natural wooden tones with classic shades never go out of style.

Do white floors make a room look smaller?

It's actually the other way around! White flooring keeps your home brighter and visually makes any space look bigger.

What color wood is in style in 2024?

2024 is all about natural and bright wood tones will take over most flooring options.

Is white vinyl flooring hard to keep clean?

White vinyl floors do not need any extra effort to be cleaned rather than regularly sweeping and mopping.

What furniture goes with white floor?

Since white is a neutral color, it can easily get matched with different color tones. So for creating a warm space you might consider warm color tones and vice versa.

What Our Clients Think

My home feels so much more fresh and put-together.

If you're looking for a new floor and feeling overwhelmed by all the choices, Flooring Outlet and More is your lifesaver! I wasn't sure what type of flooring would work best in my home, but their consultant was amazing. They listened patiently to what I was looking for and showed me a bunch of different options that fit the bill. They even helped me visualize how the different floors would look in my space, which was a huge help. My livingroom looks absolutely fantastic! My home feels so much more fresh and put-together.

Sara. J - San Francisco


The stairs turned out beautifully.

Leo's team did a great job! I am so pleased with Leo's work. I have a few stairs that I was worried about looking good with LVP. The stairs turned out beautifully. I will use the flooring outlet again.

Paula B. - San Jose, Ca.


Great experience with Flooring Outlet & More

I can't say enough about how great my experience with Flooring Outlet & More was! I live in another neighboring state, and at 7.5 months pregnant I found that the flooring option we had spent so long picking and arranging through another source had fallen through. Retailers I called all around the country told me it was impossible to get the floor before my baby came because it was on backorder from the manufacturer, so I was losing hope... When I finally somehow found Flooring Outlet & More online and called Farrouk (Farok?), he told me he would see what he could do for me. Within an hour he had figured out a creative solution to source our floor, within a day or two we had it ordered, and within a few weeks I had it in hand. The price for the flooring was low, he arranged transport to a pickup location near me free of charge, and the product (GemCore Opal - Wheat LVP) turned out perfect. His honesty, resourcefulness, and kindness were above and beyond - amazing customer service, I couldn't be happier. Thank you, again.

Tatiana H. - Centerville, UT


White flooring has always been a risk-free and ageless flooring choice for homeowners who adore clean, washed and modern look in their houses. Shop Flooring Outlet and More’s white floor which reflects light easily, brightening your living room and makes it bigger and also reduces needs for extra lighting. White flooring gives a minimalist look that can be complemented with your desirable accessories. Browse our collection and Pick your perfect white floor today from Flooring Outlet and More’s selection.

White Flooring in San Jose

At Flooring Outlet and More, we take pride in offering an exquisite array of premium white flooring options to suit every preference, all at the most competitive prices. Our selection includes white engineered hardwood, white SPC, white laminate, and white luxury vinyl flooring materials, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s taste. Among our offerings, you’ll find renowned brands such as Garrison, Du Chateau, Lauzan, Urban Floors, SLCC Flooring, Medallion, Shaw Floors, Gem Core, Eternity, Everbright, Lago, and Republic, known for their exceptional quality. Explore our website to discover these top-tier white flooring products and conveniently place orders tailored to your specific requirements.

Brighten Your Space With White Laminate Flooring

White waterproof laminate flooring stands apart from natural materials such as wood or stone flooring due to its synthetic composition. Crafted with layers including wear, décor, backer, and core, white laminate flooring boasts exceptional durability. At Flooring Outlet and More, we showcase a diverse selection of laminate flooring options, ranging from contemporary high gloss finishes to timeless classics like rustic white laminate flooring. Explore our collection to discover the perfect blend of style and durability for your space.

White Oak Hardwood Flooring for Every Room

White oak hardwood flooring boasts a distinctive and organic aesthetic that effortlessly complements any home décor style. Renowned for its remarkable durability, white oak flooring surpasses its counterparts, such as maple or ash flooring, in resilience and longevity. Experience the enduring beauty and unmatched quality of white oak hardwood flooring, designed to enhance every space in your home.

Flooring Outlet and More collaborates with esteemed flooring brands like Garrison, Republic Floor, Reward Flooring, DuChateau, and Lauzan, all of which specialize in producing high-quality white oak flooring. With our dedication to offering superior options, we bring you a curated selection from these trusted brands, ensuring you have access to the finest white oak flooring options on the market.

White Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Our white vinyl sheet floorings come in convenient rolls, offering effortless installation and exceptional waterproof properties. Ideal for kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room spaces, these vinyl sheets provide the perfect blend of style and functionality. Explore our collection to elevate your design vision with durable, waterproof flooring solutions for every room in your home.

White Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tiles are another popular floor that can withstand high foot traffic. By installing white vinyl tile into your home, especially in the bathroom and kitchen that are prone to moisture, you make your interior a beautiful and resistant zone.

High Gloss White Vinyl Plank Flooring

Flooring Outlet and More’s high gloss white vinyl plank flooring is a 100% waterproof and scratch resistance option for those who struggle with cleaning their floors. Their smooth surface lets you wipe up messes faster and their glossy appearance makes your home shining and gives it a modern look.