Top Flooring Brands in the USA

Top Flooring Brands in the USA

Flooring production is one of the most important and profitable industries in the world, which is carried out by many companies around the world. In this article, we will introduce the top flooring brands in USA. Focusing on quality and design, these companies produce flooring that is currently recognized as the best and most popular option in the market.          

Pergo Flooring

Pergo Laminate Flooring

This brand is one of the top flooring brands in the USA. Pergo company produces the best type of laminate flooring and the quality of its products cannot be faulted. This company, which has special expertise in designing laminate floors, has had the longest history in the global market. Pergo floors are expensive. However, the products of this company have been designed and produced with many years of experience and expertise. In a market where most competitors have reduced their quality to lower the price in order to gain more profit, the Pergo company’s priority is the high quality of the product, and it continues to offer its products with the best quality.

Advantages of Pergo Laminate Flooring:

  • Pioneer in the development of multi-layer laminates
  • Easy and convenient cleaning
  • Unique quality

Disadvantages of Pergo Laminate Flooring:

The only disadvantages of Pergo laminate flooring is that they are really expensive.

Armstrong Flooring

Advantages of Armstrong flooring:

The Armstrong brand is also one of the brands that you will hear when surfing the flooring industry. This brand is one of the best flooring brands. Armstrong parquets have a wide variety of colors and designs that appeal to every taste. The variety of designs and colors of Armstrong laminates is not its only positive feature. One of the advantages of these floors is its exclusive locking system, which makes its installation easy and fast.

Advantages of Armstrong flooring:

  • The price is more reasonable than the brands in the same category
  • Very high quality
  • Excellent appearance and a wide variety of colors and designs

Disadvantages of Armstrong flooring:

  • Its price is expensive.

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Mohawk Flooring

Advantages of Mohawk Flooring:

The reason why this brand is chosen as one of the best brands of flooring manufacturers is that Mohawk is also one of the leaders in the laminate flooring industry. The products of this company have various designs and roles. Also, their resistance and durability are unique. This company’s products are produced from at least 50% recycled materials, and this can be an ethical and wise choice for people who value this issue. Flooring Outlet and More, as a great flooring contractor in San Jose, has been honored to work with Mohawk Flooring for several years now. You can buy Mohawk carpets from us for both retail and wholesale purchases.

Advantages of Mohawk Flooring:

  • Use of recyclable raw materials
  • Wide variety of designs and colors
  • Very high resistance and durability

Disadvantages of Mohawk flooring:

  • They are very expensive.

Quick-Step Flooring

It must be said that Quick Step Flooring is always at the forefront, not only in terms of keeping up with fashion but also in terms of board quality. This company is made up of experts who have done all the evaluations regarding their final product and designed a wonderful laminate flooring. You can install and run these floors in any space.

Quick-Step Flooring is one of the top flooring brands in the USA. Quick Step flooring boards are pressed by press machines and have extraordinary strength. This guarantees that your flooring will not lose its shape over time and during the process of expansion and contraction.

Advantages of Quick Step Laminate Flooring:

  • It is a bit cheaper than other top flooring brands.
  • The company is equipped with the latest technologies.
  • It has multi-purpose formatting (for ease of installation in special spaces).

Disadvantages of Quick Step Laminate:

  • The quality of the board is not extremely high.

Monarch Plank Flooring

Monarch Plank Flooring

This brand is one of the top flooring brands in the USA. If you decide to buy Monarch plank Flooring, we can assure you that any product you buy will not change. You will see the same effect, design and color for another decade, and the stability and durability of this brand’s products have been proven. We must say that Monarch Plank Flooring is unique in terms of design and quality and all global standards.

In general, it should be said that this company, having the latest technology in line with the production of laminate floorings, has released a first-class product to the market. Additionally, Monarch Plank Flooring is another one of the top flooring brands in the USA that has been working with Flooring Outlet & More. Monarch planks for engineered or solid hardwood, vinyl, and SPC are available right now for wholesale or retail at Flooring Outlet and More.

Advantages of Monarch Plank Flooring:

  • Hard, durable, and stain-resistant
  • Resistant to physical damage
  • After installation, no top coating is required

Disadvantages of Monarch Plank Flooring:

  • Its appearance is synthetic and looks like plastic.
  • Repairs require replacing boards or re-covering the entire floor.

BerryAlloc Flooring

BerryAlloc company can be considered as one of the best flooring brands. This is because the products of this company look very natural and similar to wooden parquets. Also, these floors are provided with a unique coating underneath, which makes it easier to install and run. The styles and designs of this brand are very unique and special.

The price of this company’s products is more economical and appropriate. However, its appearance quality is maintained and it can be considered among the top 5 flooring brands. But, it must be said that the quality of the board is weaker than other brands introduced here. Anyone with any budget can think about buying Berry Alloc laminate flooring. This company offers a wide variety of designs interesting for different tastes.

Advantages of BerryAlloc flooring:

  • A lot of variety
  • Unique and special designs
  • The price is right

Disadvantages of BerryAlloc flooring:

  • Weakness in the boards

ll flooring

One flooring manufacturer that is very popular is ll flooring. One convincing reason to choose ll flooring is its durability. This product is designed to withstand a lot of damage and this makes it an ideal option for busy homes and commercial locations. Its solid construction minimizes the risk of scratches and dents and maintains the aesthetic appeal of the floor over time. 

Pros and Cons of Flooring Manufacturers in the USA

Most of these flooring manufacturers have focused on certain qualities and improved their products in those areas such as:

  • high durability
  • Resistance to wear and tear
  • Suitable for high-traffic areas
  • Water resistance
  • Easy installation
  • Diversity in design
  • Comfort and sound insulation
  • Low maintenance
  • to be economical

But, a lot of them still lack in some features and if the following features are important criteria for you, you may have some trouble finding the best flooring for you.

  • Environmental concerns
  • Sensitivity to extreme temperatures
  • Limited lifespan compared to natural materials
  • The need for a subfloor
  • Lack of Installation services

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