How to Clean Laminate Floors and Keep Them Shining

clean laminate floors

If you have laminate flooring installed, you may also have questions about how to clean it and make it shine, just like it did the first day. Even though they look the same, laminate flooring is not the same as hardwood flooring. Yes, they look as good, but they are made of different materials and should not be cleaned the same way.

There are some things you should consider when cleaning your laminate flooring to make them shine without damaging them. One can not simply refinish the surface of laminate flooring in case of any scuffing or staining. Replacing and repairing can also be quite pricy. Hence, we should treat the floorings with due care, particularly in areas we use most often and attract a lot of foot traffic.

For example, your bedroom or walk in closet are such high traffic areas. Wearing stilettos is one sure way to damage your laminate floors. Still, no worries. With a bit of effort, time and attention you could keep your floors as shiny and clean as the first day you got them!

Since laminate is less expensive than real hardwood floors, it has become an obvious choice for many buildings. With some regular sweeping or vacuuming and occasional mopping, not only will your floors last longer, but they’ll also be as good as new ones. 

Whether it’s laminate, vinyl, or some other flooring material, we will offer you some tips on how to keep them clean and shiny.

Read the Cleaning Instructions

How to clean laminate floors naturally

Based on the brand you’ve purchased for your floors, some special materials may have been used for your laminate floors. Usually, companies provide detailed instructions on how to keep maintenance on their websites or other social media accounts. You could also ask the seller for these manuals. Read these instructions and take note of whether you should avoid any harsh or abrasive cleaning products.

Remove Stains Immediately

You should not let stains sit on your laminate floorings. In case of a spill, its best to clean it up immediately. You should use a dense microfiber clothing or sponge to absorb whatever has been spilled. Even for water resistant laminate floors, leaving liquids for too long could damage them.

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What Not to Use to Clean Laminate Floors

There are somethings you should avoid using when cleaning your laminate floors. The most recent laminate floors are resistant to many things, yet you should be mindful of what you use on them.

How to Deep Clean Laminate Floors?

There is dirt that will not go easily after some time, perhaps stuck between the cracks and the little grout lines. Use deep floor cleaning to achieve the same renewed, almost unnaturally new look.

1. Scrub or vacuum the floor completely in order to get rid of all loose dirt and dust particles.
2. Formulate a deep cleaning solution by mixing warm water with a light, pH-balanced floor cleaner or a few drops of dishwashing soap.
3. Soak the mop or cleaning cloth in the solution as required, but try to avoid dripping water.
4. Divide and conquer and focus on cleaning these sections, especially the high-traffic places and grout lines.
5. Wet and rinse the mop frequently to keep the floor clean and fresh.
6. Next, remove the floor with a dry mop or cloth that picks up the rest of the moisture.

Please don’t forget to perform deep cleaning when required, which depends on the number of footsteps and abrasions on your laminate floor.

Avoid Using Abrasive Tools.

Thanks to technology, a lot of laminate floorings are resistant to scratches. We still advise you against using abrasive tools such as steel wools for instance. Try using soft bristle brooms or dust mops when sweeping. When vacuuming, pay mind to avoid using attachments with beater bars or rotating brushes. These tools could scratch your laminate floors and laminate is not really scratch-resistant.

Avoid Using Steam Mops

Some say steam mops are good for your laminate floors; some say they are bad. Our advice? Do not use them. Laminate floors are not hardwood floors, yet they are still made of word regardless. The high temperature and the water used in steam moping do not agree with their nature.

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Mop Laminate Floorings Every Two Months

clean laminate floors with vinegar

Once every two months is enough to keep your laminate floors clean. The best options are Damp or microfiber mops. They are gentle enough not to scratch your floors. If you use a regular mop, make sure to get out all of its excess water until it’s nearly dry.

Avoid Too Much Water

We have made it pretty clear this far that laminate floorings don’t like water, or at least a lot of water. Do not let the water pool on the surface and seep through the top layers. This could mean you’d need to replace them and pay the extra damage costs. No traditional mop bucket for laminate floors, then. All that water could cause staining and fading. You should dry the floors immediately after moping.

Use Cleaning Products Labelled for Laminate Floorings

Products that are oil based could leave streaks and residue. Some could even damage the protective sealants used on the floor. You should avoid wax or polishes and check any cleaning material to see if they are labeled to use on laminate floorings. Do not use a lot of the cleaning products. Avoid applying it directly on the floor, but rather spray it on your mop or microfiber clothing.  

Make Your Own Cleaner: Best Homemade Laminate Floor Cleaner

You could try making your own solution. An easy cleaning solution for regular cleaning is to mix a teaspoon of unscented dish soap and 3 liters of hot water.

Cleaning Laminate Floors With Vinegar

Using a mix of vinegar and water is very effective. This will not leave any sticky residue. We suggest using 1 part vinegar and 10 part water as a standard ratio. There may be a slight film or waxy buildup on your floors as a result of having used the wrong products over time. You could combine 3 liters of hot water and 1 cup of white vinegar to clean your floors. Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent and will help clean this waxy residue.

Do not forget that you should not use too much water and should always dry your floors afterward.

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How to Clean Very Dirty Laminate Floors

Best laminate floor cleaning solution

Household hacks could still work even when dealing with very dirty laminate floors or tough stains. For chewing gum or wax (candle wax, body wax, etc.), use some ice to make it hard. Do not forget to wrap the ice in a plastic bag so as not to wet the floor. Then, once the residue has hardened, use a plastic knife, a scrapper, or even a credit card to remove it. If you have spilled paint, ink, nail polish, or crayon, you could use alcohol pads or simply rub some alcohol on it.

Avoid Future Damage

By taking simple measures such as using furniture pads, using rugs, putting saucers under your pots and plants, using a doormat and trimming your pets’ nails, you could easily avoid a lot of further damage, these are little steps that can help you care for your laminate floors and save you a lot of effort later.


What is the best thing to clean the laminate floor with?

Use a microfiber mop instead of a regular one, esp. those that have strings since they are great with absorbing water. It is all right to use warm or hot water, but avoid boiling hot water or steam mops. As for regular weekly cleanings, a vacuum or sweep works great. All in all, laminate floors are pretty easy to care for.

How do I make my laminate floors shine?

Let us be straightforward: you’d need to clean them regularly. Vacuum or sweep weekly so you wouldn’t need to mop them too much, the dust and debris work like a sandpaper and make the floor look dull.

How to clean laminate floors naturally?

The best tip is to use homemade vinegar solutions. Mix vinegar and water and spray it on a microfiber rag. Afterward, dry the floors.

Does vinegar dull laminate floors?

No, it does not. As mentioned before, vinegar is a natural cleaning agent. It’s not abrasive, and it is not oily, and does not leave any sticky residue.

Why are laminate floors still dirty after mopping?

There could be many reasons. One is having used too much water. The other being wrong cleaning products. You could also be going around instead of cleaning in streaks, which means you’re not cleaning the floors appropriately.