Simple Modern Marble Floor Design

Simple Modern Marble Floor Design

Simple Marble Floor Design

We all have witnessed beautiful and stunning houses and mansions with all-white esthetics and marble flooring either on television or in real life. In these scenes, the marble flooring, with its unique design, captures our attention more than other aspects. This posh flooring is, in fact, a metamorphic stone, which is a form of rock shaped due to high pressure, high heat, and mineral-rich fluids. This process shapes one of the most magnificent decorative pieces of this century, and these stones come in various colors ranging from white, pink, green, and black. However, the most popular ones are the white polished stones with different degrees of impurity that create colorful arrays on each tile, known as veins. If you are planning to use marble for your flooring or even your countertop, this article will help you make your decision.

Modern Marble Floor Ideas

Modern marble floor ideas are aimed to cater to a minimalistic and chic outlook. Every year, there is a new trend in the interior design or the flooring material world, and marbles are always on trend. There is a high demand for marble by homeowners or business owners who seek elegance and delicacy. Also, marble flooring is one of the best options for hotel flooring; if you want to create a clean, luxurious atmosphere in the lobby or halls, marble floors are one of the best options, and they are also easy to clean.

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Types of Marble Flooring 

Marble flooring can be divided into two categories based on the combination of colors or the polished end result. Many different marble tiles are available based on color combination and appearance, but Carrara, Calcutta, and Breccia are the most famous and used ones. Carrara is commonly used in home designs and is mostly white or grey in color with small and fine lines. It is mostly created from one block, and when installed, it gives a stunning look to the house, as no two blocks are similar. Calcutta is similar to Carrara, but it is close to pure white with darker veins that create a beautiful contrast but make the blocks more expensive. The third one, Breccia, falls under the category of darker marbles, including gold, black, and red colors, which would fit perfectly with warmer house designs.

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As mentioned, the type of marble differs based on the final polish as well. There are several different types, including Polished Marble, Honed Marble, and Tumbled Marble. Polished marble tiles are smooth and shiny tiles that are perfectly polished, easy to clean, and beautiful to look at. Honed marble is less shiny as it has a matte finish to it and a velvet-like touch. This type of polish works better with a natural decorating style, as the marble stone is not drastically polished and looks more natural. Tumbled marbles are buffed rather than polished and have an even more natural look than hones marble, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Nonetheless, this type of marble is widely used in spas and bathrooms not only for their beauty but also for the natural and earthy environment they create. In general, all the color combinations and polishes are uniquely beautiful for each part of your house.

Pros and Cons of Marble Flooring

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A list of pros and cons would help when making a decision becomes baffling. Hence, such a list would help when discussing house renovation or design. One of the first advantages of marble flooring is that it reflects light and gives the room a more spacious feel. If your house is small or cannot access direct light, marble flooring is an excellent choice to change the situation. The other pro is that it acts as an insulator, which means that in the summertime, it absorbs the heat and cools the environment, but during the winter, it warms up your house. Moreover, marble flooring is so beautiful and unique that it elevates your house design. Furthermore, as they come in multiple colors and can consist of different types of veins, they fit into every style. The fourth interesting advantage that comes with marble flooring is that, depending on the type of marble tiles chosen, they can increase the house’s retail value.

On the other hand, marble flooring comes with its own disadvantages. The first disadvantage to be mentioned is that either wet or not, it will be slippery, which is not an ideal situation for families with children or older people in the house. In addition, marble flooring feels cold underfoot for some people, but this situation can be changed by installing a proper heating system. In order to always have the chic look of marble flooring, considerable care and maintenance are always required; therefore, if you have a busy schedule or are not interested in cleaning, marble flooring is not for you. Another con that comes to mind is that marble tiles should not be installed by unprofessional people because they are heavy, and they need to be installed on a solid subfloor to avoid cracking. This will increase the costs as well. Last but not least, marble tiles are prone to scratches; hence, if you own a pet, you might need to rethink using marble tiles for your flooring.

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Is marble a good option for flooring?

As a luxurious option, marble has been a staple choice in designing various places in recent decades and ancient times as well. When installed, it adds a sense of sophistication to the place; however, be aware of the cons mentioned before purchasing or installing marble flooring in your house. Apart from the disadvantage of marble flooring, marble is a durable material as it is the byproduct of natural processes. In addition, marble flooring durability and resistance increase if it is maintained correctly and on a regular basis. Another beneficial aspect of marble flooring tiles is that even the bright colors ones are stain-resistant. Even if you choose to install them in a room like a kitchen that gets dirty, the dirt and stains are easy to clean. Furthermore, marble flooring is considered an environmentally friendly product because it is not made with chemicals and is easily degradable after it has run its course. In short, with proper maintenance, marble flooring is the perfect choice for a stylish house.

How should marble flooring be maintained?

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If you already have marble flooring or are planning on installing it, you know that marble floors look more pleasing and eye-catching when they are freshly cleaned and polished. To have this fancy scenery, there are some maintenance points you need to bear in mind. First things first, use a soft and dry cloth or mop to remove any dirt or dust. Avoid using hard materials or dragging stuff on your floor, as it will scratch the shiny surface. For the next step, if there is no particular stain, use a wet mop or non-acidic cleaner to clean the surface gently. Do not use too much cleaner and water as it might smear the dust on your floor and permanently stain it. At last, use another clean and soft cloth to wipe off the water and cleaner excess so as to prevent watermarks or rust stains. It is not recommended to use industrial polish on your marble floors as it can damage the stone or its polish. The last step mentioned will work as a natural polish for your floor.

There are many cleaners safe to use on marble tiles; however, if you are more interested in homemade cleaners, you can use a diluted combination of dish soap or baking soda with water. In the case of baking soda, allow the paste to dry on your floor and then clean it with water. In a general sense, for better results and to maintain the marble tiles in good condition, clean your marble tiles regularly, especially if the marble tiles are used as bathroom or kitchen flooring.

Is marble flooring expensive?

It is not a myth that Marble tiles are expensive, as they are made of natural stone and not industrially made. They fall in the higher price range of decorative materials, and they are considered to be a premium product for house architecture that creates a luxurious design. The price changes depending on the type of polish, color, and veins. The least expensive marble blocks can go from $5 or $6 to $40 and more. The larger the marble blocks, the more expensive they can be. Furthermore, their installation is pricy as well, especially if your house has a specific flooring architecture because marble tiles are square and should be trimmed in case of unique designs. For more budget and cleaning-friendly options, ceramic tiles with marble designs are the best solution if you are fascinated or absorbed by the marble beauty but not interested in spending a fortune on your floors.

In conclusion, many people have opted for marble tiles for kitchen counters or flooring because of the advantages discussed above. Marble flooring will never go out of style for house designs, and it is a timeless, beautiful, and luxurious choice that will last a lifetime.