10 Topnotch Small Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Small Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Bathroom is one of the most important parts in every house. Big or small, old or renovated, you want your bathroom to look clean and stylish. To achieve that, you should choose a bathroom flooring that both looks and feels good and meets the needs of such places since this is a water-heavy place where water and steam can damage the durability of the materials.

The most important criteria is that the floor is supposed to be waterproof, slip resistant, easy to clean and to be able to withstand humidity. Second, you look for something that is comfortable and stylish no matter what is the design of your house, be it traditional or modern, hectic or quiet. There are many flooring material types waiting for you from vinyl tiles to porcelain or ceramic tiles.

If you have a small bathroom, storage may be your biggest concern. Even with big tubs, showers, or toilets, the right choice for a small bathroom flooring and wall-color can elevate the place making it look bigger and pleasant. Here are some small bathroom flooring ideas to help you make it big on style:

Waterproof Flooring for Small Bathrooms

Bathrooms are probably the most moisture-prone areas in every home, so choosing waterproof flooring is highly important because you don’t want any swelling or damps on your bathroom floor. Waterproof laminate and waterproof rigid core vinyl SPC floorings are good examples of waterproof bathroom flooring that are available in low prices. Ceramic tiles are also one of the best options for small bathroom flooring. Although they are more expensive than laminate and vinyl, they are highly resistant to water and come in various shapes and patterns.

If you want something traditional and durable, a hardwood floor can be a right choice, too. Though old, they are timeless and can bring a warm external element into your house. It is suitable for high-traffic bathrooms, but not those in humid areas since they are not as waterproof as SPC flooring and ceramics.

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Cheap flooring for small bathroom

Small Bathroom Flooring Ideas

– Vinyl

If you use your bathroom daily, it can get really wet. The humidity and moisture can degrade the walls and the floor, but don’t worry. The vinyl tiles are the ultimate water-proof solution which do not degrade in quality. The other advantage is that they look luxury resembling wood, without having to go beyond the budget, you can get the best look on your bathroom. So, save your money by installing luxury vinyl planks and give your bathroom an elegant look. Installing is simple and easy without the need of nails or glues.

– Laminate

Looking similar to vinyl planks, laminate is a good alternative for bathroom flooring since it is resistant to water with less density. Unlike vinyl tiles, laminate does not have a fireboard base or a layer structure, so it’s not going to be damaged by contact with water. Instead, it features a plastic board that does not swell up in contact with water.

– Natural Stone

Marble and granite are the perfect choice if you want something natural and elegant at the same time. They save the space without having to use large seamless tiles which occupy all the available space. Their advantage is that they exist in many shapes and sizes including squares and penny tiles. Also, they are naturally resistant to water. Though expensive, they do not cost you a lot if the bathroom is small.

– Cement

Dating back to decades ago, cement tiles are still popular and used widely around the world. The reason can be the exclusive pattern of the tile which is not just on the surface; it goes down through the tile as well. Just keep in mind that these tiles require high maintenance over time and are more difficult to install than other tiles available in the market.

– Stained Concrete

You can also use painted or stained concrete to customize your design. In this way, they look like marble, stone, or even wood planks. The benefits of stained concrete are being affordable and having proofing options such as water, heat, and indent.

– PorcelainVinyl flooring for small bathroom

Don’t have enough budget, but looking for marble, granite, or natural stone! Well, here are porcelain tiles in a variety of shapes and styles. They are much cheaper than other types as well as being durable, water resistant, and easy to clean. This is why porcelain has become so favored by interior designers; beautiful and affordable at the same time! And unlike cement tiles, they do not require much care and maintenance.

– Ceramic

One of the most popular types of tiles is ceramic. You may ask why? Because they are versatile and you can find them almost everywhere in any pattern and color you wish. They are also water-proof and easy to clean and install. Being resistant to water lowers the maintenance expenses caused by traffic, humidity, and moisture. So, if you want a high-quality and high-end flooring for your bathroom, choose ceramic. Besides, if you want your bathroom look bigger, install large ceramic tiles.

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– Herringbone

If you have a small bathroom located in narrow hallways, herringbone tiles work best for you. They make your bathroom look perfect and even larger because of the pattern on the surface of the tiles. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter if you like the pattern but not the material, the herringbone pattern can be replicated on other types such as marble, ceramic, and porcelain. So, if you have a big space and can afford it, use other types with the pattern to make your bathroom stylish. You can also finish it depending on the material used so that it will have a longer life-span.

Carpet & Rug

As the last touches on finishing the house designing, carpeting can elevate the style of your bathroom. Soft to walk on, water-proof, and easy to clean, it also avoids slips and falls, especially if you have small children running around the house. But remember that they can be the house for molds and mildews, so it requires regular cleaning and maintenance cares. Depending on the style of the house and your budget, there are plenty of options you can choose from.


Cork is attracting attention from all over the world as one of the newest trends in architecture and design. Besides making your bathroom look modern, there are countless other benefits such as being eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, resistant to mold, and soft which feels great when walking on. Also, it features thermal properties offering natural heat, so they are the perfect choice for cold areas. If you want to use cork as the flooring of your bathroom, don’t forget to finish it with water-proof coating so it lasts more and you can avoid the damage.

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Flooring for small bathroom ideas

Different Types of Flooring for Small Bathrooms


Add some excitements in your small bathroom by different sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns, then it becomes a place you cannot leave. Ranging from tiny mosaic tiles to bigger ones, you can choose the size suitable for your bathroom. Though larger tiles (30-60 cm.) such as marble and granite are limited in size, few numbers of them can cover the whole area and are more affordable. Square or rectangle-shaped neutral tiles like white or gray are the best in the market for this matter.

Even if you want to use small tiles, avoid heavy patterns. Mini composite and mosaic tiles are ideal options. Only by choosing tiles in different patterns and sizes, you create the illusion of walking into a bigger space.


Ordinary tiles are always people’s number one choice, so if you want to have a different unique look, choose the tile that features large geometric designs. Say ‘no’ to standard square and rectangle designs and welcome new trends in shapes and sizes of the tiles such as herringbone tiles and hexagon mosaics. They give you both an original texture and an intriguing look. Not only tiles in different shapes function aesthetically, but also they make your bathroom look larger.


Your bathroom is small, then you should enlarge it visually. When choosing the color, go for bright colors since they enlarge the bathroom and maintain peace and cleanness:

– Gold

– Light yellow

– Peachy

– Hot pink

– Lavender

– Sandy

– Terracotta

– Tan

But if you’re looking for something more sophisticated, blank, brown, or gray colors are good choices. Remember to choose different colors for the flooring and the walls to avoid walking into an illusion or a spiritless place. Think outside the box (tile!) and try patterned tiles for flooring. Messy and cluttered patterns make your bathroom even smaller!

Add dark stripes or the biggest recent trend ‘checked’ tiles to make the room bigger without any effort or going beyond the budget. You can enjoy a bigger bathroom with diamond motifs on the surface as well. No matter your bathroom is small or big, patterned tiles gives a clean and astonishing look. You can also combine larger ornamented tiles with plain ones to enlarge the space.